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Sup-R Stud® V-TZ

Our new Wedge Anchor. Approved for cracked concrete and suitable for resisting seismic design loads.

Here you can find the technical data.

Update of the MKT Anchor Design Software

The MKT Anchor Design software version 2.1.0 has just been released. Several improvements have been included to make the software more user friendly with more anchor choices:

Release of the MKT Anchor Design Software

Anchor Design Software is now available from MKT Fastening as an aid to designing connections to concrete for both mechanical and adhesive anchors. This software includes data for rebar installations as well as cracked and uncracked concrete applications. Here you can download your copy.

ICC-approved adhesive without hazardous components

Liquid Roc 700+ Acrylic is a 2 component, high strength adhesive that is well suited for a wide variety of applications. It can be installed down to 14° F and is stable up to 248° F after curing. Liquid Roc 700+ is available in 2 cartridge sizes, 10 fl oz and 28 fl oz, making it the perfect choice for large or small projects.